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Unitax UK specialise in claiming back tax for workers all over the United Kingdom. We are fully experienced and trained in dealing with these refunds and work closely with hmrc to ensure we get you back as much as possible. We believe in getting you back what is rightfully yours. You work hard for your money and deserve the most amount possible from your earnings.


Last year we claimed back in excess of £500,000 for clients nationwide.

We complete a free assessment to find out if you are due a refund and make the process very simple and efficient. We complete all the necessary work once we have received your signed claim form back, so all you have to do is sit back and wait for your refund.

Even if you only do an average of 10 work related miles per day, this can amount to a possible refund of around £1300 on a four year claim.

We have hundreds of satisfied clients and pride ourselves on the work we do. Being registered HMRC agents makes it much more efficient for us to deal with your claim in a professional and speedy manner. The amount you are able to claim is dependant on the amount of tax you have paid and the rate at which your employer reimburses you per mile. Rest assured we aim to get the maximum amount refunded for you.

Our strict No Refund, No Fee policy means you do not pay any fees for us to complete the work carried out. We do all this for free and if a refund is secured we deduct 20% of the total and forward the rest to you. So if we secure a £1000 refund our fee would be deducted and £800 forwarded to you. Meaning you never have to go into your own pocket.

Client Testimonial

I submitted my claim and did not even know I could claim this. I sent my forms and forgot about it if I am being honest. Until i got a call and the nice gentleman asked me if I was sitting down. I first thought I was in trouble until he said how much they had got back for me. I can not thank them enough and would recommend this company to anyone. You do not have anything to lose as it is no win no fee. Great service.  - Mrs P. Tshongweni
Community Nurse
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Last year we recovered over £500,000 in refunds for our clients.
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