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Terms & Condition

The term us, we or our relates to Unitax UK Ltd

By signing your claim agreement within the deed of assignment page on your claim form you agree to:
  • Authorise Unitax UK to act on your behalf with regard to your claim and contact any relevant parties to claim a refund of tax for you.
  • You agree to the deed of assignment relating to any refund that may arise. This means that your refund will be paid directly into the bank account for Unitax UK for us to deduct our agreed fee of 25% and a £12 payment processing fee, as listed below, then forward the remainder to yourself. This is subject to a minimum £69 deduction.
  • Any refunds above £2,500 are subject to a 30% deduction and a £12 processing fee.
  • Agree that you have not used any other company or yourself are pursuing a claim direct with HMRC within the last four years.
  • Agree that you give authority for us to submit your claim either by paper or online, based on the mileage figures you have provided. 
  • Give your consent for us to collect any additional documentation necessary from employers or other sources, or to provide them as soon as possible when requested by us.
  • That you have 14 days from signing the agreement to cancel your claim and agreement.
  • We reserve the right to cancel or not pursue your claim if we feel it not beneficial or that any details given are misleading or incorrect. 
  • We are not responsible for any incorrect figures for mileage that you have given us. The mileage figures are the sole responsibility of the claimant. We only act on your behalf to claim the refund for you based on the your figures in your claim form which is signed by you. 
  • Any repayments owed to hmrc that may arise from incorrect figures is not our responsibility and is the sole responsibility of the claimant.
  • Understand that it is not always a guarantee that a refund will be obtained.
  • Us reserving the right to not contact unsuccessful claimants.

Your Claim Application

  • Claims and the timeframe we estimate are only an estimate and in some cases can be longer in duration or shorter. This is dependant on how quick HMRC respond.
  • The average time for a completed claim is between 8-12 weeks.
  • Any further information needed by HMRC is the joint responsibility of the claimant and us to obtain. If we request further information from you and you do not supply this as quick as possible it can delay us getting your refund.

Payments and Fees

  • You agree that where a refund is obtained and has been used to offset against existing amounts owed by you to HMRC that we are entitled to our fees as listed below.
  • If your refund is sent directly to yourself and not to us as stated in the deed of assignment, which is legally signed by yourself, then you agree to pay Unitax Uk the agreed percentage fee as listed below within 14 days of receipt of payment or of us informing you of our percentage fee of the total as listed below.
  • If a cheque is not cashed within 6 months of the date of issue it will be cancelled and the amount retained by Unitaxuk Ltd.
  • Your refund will be issued by cheque or bank transfer to you normally within 28 days of us receiving it from HMRC. Please note that upon you receiving HMRCs notification it can take them up to 14 days to issue payment to us.
  • Our payments normally go out every Friday if you have requested a bank transfer and at the end of each month if being sent by cheque.
  • We reserve the right for any payment not cashed or requested within 12 months of us receiving it from HMRC to be retained by Unitax UK Ltd.
  • If you receive a payment from us in error which you are not entitled to or has been paid to you by us in our error you agree to return that payment to us within 14 days of receipt or be liable to legal action to recover the amount plus any legal expenses. 
Any cancellations made after the 7 day time limit will incur a cost of £50 as a result of the work that has been carried out by us.

Unitax UK are not liable for any loss for whatever reason that may arise out of this claim no matter the  reason it may arise.

We are registered under the Data Protection Act and handle all of your data in a safe manner and we will never sell or pass your information or personal details with any other party or business that is not connected to our company.

Should you have a complaint then please contact us at and explain the issue. We will aim to reply within 5 working days to your complaint.

Set Fees

The fee payable is a percentage of the gross refund, this means the total amount of your refund before any underpayments are accounted for.

If there is no refund then there is no fee at all no matter how much work we have completed on your behalf.

We advise that you keep up to date with these terms and conditions as they are subject to change. They were last updated on the 2nd February 2015.

Client Testimonial

I submitted my claim and did not even know I could claim this. I sent my forms and forgot about it if I am being honest. Until i got a call and the nice gentleman asked me if I was sitting down. I first thought I was in trouble until he said how much they had got back for me. I can not thank them enough and would recommend this company to anyone. You do not have anything to lose as it is no win no fee. Great service.  - Mrs P. Tshongweni
Community Nurse
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